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Colorado Springs Home Builder

Colorado Springs Home Builder Mike Hall has been building homes in Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region for over 20 years. His extensive knowledge of every aspect of the building process from lot selection and design to the completion of the final product makes him a wise choice.

He prides himself in providing incredible homes at an exceptional value. Contact us today to learn more.

Video Showcase

The Knowledge to Nail It

$300,000 over budget at the foundation stage?  This project came to Mike after being started by another builder. Mike had the knowledge to know how to bring this project under control. Click here to read Mike's solution.

Here's an Idea...

"Green" building is very popular lately.  Not in your budget?  Continue reading here to see the solution Mike implemented to achieve green efficiencies, but at a budget price.

Go Ahead...Pinch Your Pennies

Concerned about your tight budget? Mike Hall believes that there are places to pinch your pennies, and places where money matters. Read this creative solution to a tight budget problem that had the client thrilled at cutting his price per square foot in half!

I've Never Liked Surprise Parties

Not the right part? No, it is not ok. Mistakes do happen, but you need a builder who is committed to fixing the problem and not working around it. This case study demonstrates how Mike Hall works as your advocate, not someone who springs surprises on you.


Colorado Springs Homebuilder, Custom Homes, Homes by Michael Hall

Colorado Springs Homebuilder

Colorado Springs Home Builder, Custom Homes, Homes by Michael Hall

Colorado Springs Home Builder, Custom Homes, Homes by Michael Hall


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