Home Building Case Studies

Why Mike?

Many builders showcase “testimonials” on their website, and we are no different. We added testimonials to our website because people like to read them. Unfortunately, sometimes snippets of people’s opinions don’t often give you a lot of detail or specifics nor do they help you truly trust the person the testimonial is about.

So, in addition to testimonials, we have chosen to share with you some Case Studies that we feel do a better job at portraying the type of builder Mike Hall is and also help you understand some struggles that people run into during their home building experience. These are just a few Case Studies that we have chosen to highlight. Through Mike Hall’s extensive experience, he has accumulated many others. When you first meet with Mike Hall to discuss your home building project, feel free to ask him about his experience solving some challenges that you may face.

The Knowledge to Nail It

Here’s an Idea

Go Ahead… Pinch Your Pennies

I’ve Never Liked Surprise Parties