The Knowledge to Nail It


Ever have that sinking feeling that you have spent too much money? That is exactly what happened in this Case Study. The client has originally interviewed Mike Hall as part of the builder selection process. When the client selected another builder we thought that was the end of our potential relationship. Several months later, the client contacted us to see if Mike could take over the project.  The builder originally selected was approximately $300,00 over budget and they had just finished the foundation.



Spending control was the key thing to fix in this situation. Mike Hall believes in total transparency especially when it comes to finances. The large amount lost early in this project was probably impossible to recover in total, but with Mike’s financial diligence throughout the rest of the project, he was able to stop the hemorrhage and complete the project to the client’s satisfaction. Mike spent a lot of time with the client reviewing the total project cost, cost-to-date, and upcoming costs. By being transparent and upfront about the project expenses, it helped the client feel confident about the completion of the home.